What is your project size range of interest?
Frank Lill & Son, Inc. will perform projects of any size. From fixing a single tube leak in the middle of the night to nine-figure, 1,000,000+ direct hire man-hour EPC projects; Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is your contractor of choice.

What is the largest single project you have ever performed?
Frank Lill & Son, Inc.’s largest single project carried a contract value well into the nine-figure range and was over 1.3M direct hire man-hours. Additionally, this project had zero lost time accidents for Frank Lill & Son, Inc.

How many people do you employ?
Frank Lill & Son, Inc. employs approximately 100 – 1000 employees, depending on our present workload.

In what geographical areas do you pursue work?
Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is licensed and has actively pursued or performed work coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada.

Do you only execute work in the power generation sector?
No, Frank Lill & Son, Inc. does extensive work in other industrial settings including but not limited to: refineries, incinerators, upgraders, landfills, food production plants, pharmaceutical plants, plastic production plants, chemical plants, digesters, aluminum plants, automotive part production plants, ethanol plants, glass plants, compressor stations, metering stations, heating stations, dehydration stations, pump stations, and pipelines. Frank Lill has even performed highly customized and specialized one-off industrial projects such as constructing a destructive testing chamber for NASA.

Does Frank Lill & Son, Inc. have a strong safety record?
Frank Lill & Son, Inc. strives to maintain an impeccably strong safety record by developing a company wide safety culture. Further detailed information on our safety record and company wide programs can be found here