Kleen Energy


Kleen Energy Center Combined Cycle Project


Middletown, CT


Major Mechanical Contractor



Kleen Energy Center

This contract was for the construction and erection of (2) Siemens STG6-5000 F3 Combustion Turbines that exhaust into (2) Vogt Heat Recovery Steam Generators, which produce steam to drive a 250 MW Siemens Condensing Steam Turbine Generator. Frank Lill & Son erected (2) 214’x 20’ steel stacks off the exhaust end of the HRSGs.

In addition to the centerline and HRSG erection, Frank Lill & Son performed the majority of the balance of plant equipment, including: condenser feedwater heaters, boiler feedwater pumps, circulating water pumps, condensate pumps, steam sampling equipment and lube oil systems.

This project also included over 42,000 ft. of critical high-energy piping systems; which were high pressure steam, low pressure steam, hot & cold reheat piping, feedwater piping, and other ancillary steam systems, such as glad steam, etc.
Some of the material on this project was quite unique. Pipe materials ranged from standard carbon to exotic metals, such as chrome, P91 and other various alloys, with individual pipe spools up to 2 1/4" thick, 36" diameter and weighing 20 tons.

This project concluded at over 1,300,000 direct hire man-hours and zero lost-time accidents for Frank Lill & Son, Inc.

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