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Emissions Compliance

Bridgeport Harbor Mercury Reduction ProjectCornell Boiler #8 Baghouse ProjectCovanta Niagara Baghouse
Covanta Niagara Scrubber Cone AssemblyLehigh Portland Cement Precipitator and Breeching ProjectOnondaga Resource Recovery Center Baghouse Install
TVA Cumberland City Major Precipitator Repair OutageUniversity of Illinois Ash SiloUniversity of Virginia Emissions Control

Emissions Controls

Frank Lill & Son, Inc. installs and upgrades pollution control systems and equipment such as baghouses, scrubbers, precipitators and SCR systems. These systems remove harmful particulate as well as microscopic pollutants.

Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems

Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is your source for engineering and expertise in installation, maintenance and repair of flue gas desulfurization systems. We have substantial experience in six main categories: wet scrubbers, spray dry scrubbers, sorbent injection processes, dry scrubbers, regenerable processes and combined removal processes. Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is also an expert in the sorbent injection technologies that are being explored as replacement processes.

Selective Catalyst Reduction Systems

Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is your source for engineering and expertise in the installation, maintenance and repair of Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems, or SCR’s. We have extensive experience procuring and erecting new SCR systems on greenfield plants as well as adding these systems to existing facilities.

In addition to new SCR installations, Frank Lill also performs maintenance and service to these systems nation wide. We have experience repairing and maintaining SCR breaching, ammonia injection systems, sootblowers, monorail systems, screening, rappers, and turning vanes. We also specialize in catalyst change outs and additions.

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